How to Paint by Numbers?

1. Organize the space and lay out the canvas.

2. Spread the paint cups with numbers on them.

3. Match the numbered section on canvas with that on the paint box.

4. Choose the right brush and Start...

What is a Paint by Number Kit?

The beauty of Paint by Numbers lie in the fact that it’s a compact kit with all the necessary equipment to start or practice your painting skills. The ‘necessary equipment’ consist of numbered boxes of colors, different brush sizes and of course canvas with a numbered sketch to let your creative juices flow. You just have to choose a color with a number written on the box, match the number with that on the canvas; and simply fill in the spot.

These kits help the kids to learn the intricacies of painting. It helps the amateurs or aspiring individuals to learn and practice the skills of painting and the art of mixing and matching of colors. It even proves beneficial for professionals to use it as a refresher course or even trying out some new techniques variant of their normal works.

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A photograph is good but a painting? That's ARTISTIC. With custom paint by numbers you can get your portraits, wedding photos, your pets’ photos or any other photo you want converted into a canvas for a painting. Create your own personalized kits and have the time of your life painting whatever you want or recreating your favorite moments on canvas! We can...
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A Peek into History

The whole fiasco started in 1951, where the eager customers waited outside Macy’s in New York; to have the glimpse of first ever paint by number. The whole fiesta and fandom were all fake but a genius marketing plan to publicize Dan Robbin’s project. After that day it sold like a hot item till the date.

Although the concept of painting by numbers was and still is scoffed at by the professionals and artists by at the same time no one can deny the benefits of this simple invention.

Benefits of Painting by Number Kits

• The kit comes with a complete set which lets you delve into the painting experience without any frustration. The size of the brushes and the quantity of colors is based on the size of the canvas.
• It is a single kit that caters to the needs of beginners and experts at the same time. Since painting can be quite intimidating for beginners that it guides them step by step or more precisely number by number.
• Mixing, matching, and toning of different shades of the same color can be easily understood through the use of this kit.
• Paint by Numbers kit helps to develop cognitive, intellectual, emotional and creative skills of kids and adults at the same time.

Most importantly, the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes with the completed project is second to none.

Cognitive Benefits of Painting by Numbers

Art and especially painting is the process that can be insightful and emotionally satisfying. It actually improves physical and mental health. It is considered as an effective therapeutic procedure by the experts.

Anxiety and stress are the hallmarks of today’s world. Owing to a very fast paced life, people indulge in many therapies and activities to achieve nirvana, without realizing this simple kit of a painting by numbers is the answer to many anxiety episodes.

For the kids, it has proved beneficial in improving focus, concentration and attention span. At a young age, this activity helps in motor skill co-ordination and cognitive abilities.

Painting is like a meditative process. It actually, at times, help you to discover your inner self.

Give it a go. Buy your own set of Painting by Numbers Kit. You will never regret this decision.

Having worked for design houses and creative studios, I wanted something to keep my creative skills razor sharp in my down time. I was scouring through the internet when this amazing product crossed my eye. Having ordered and used it I must say it was one of the best consumer decisions I have made. The paint and canvas quality was top notch. The fact that the company uses nontoxic materials to produce their products is even better. I am eagerly waiting for my custom kit that the company offers with limitless configurations to arrive and continue painting.

Paint by Numbers is a wonderful initiative made by the company. It not only helps in relieving stress, but also promotes creativity in the form of painting. Moreover, it is also easy to follow through, with simple instructions, and all the needed equipment to paint a masterpiece is provided in the package. The best part is that you are involved in making this painting come to life. In addition, you can even order custom painting kits, so the painting experience is personal and more memorable. It not only helps you create a painting, but also in the meantime, takes your mind off any distractions and worries.

This was the first time I ordered a kit from here. Paint by Numbers has been a part of my life for a long time.  Growing up, this was what I asked all my friends and family to get me on birthdays. Once I ended up with 6 kits at the same time. Now, every time I get my pay, I order one. Loved working on the canvas and the easel I ordered from here just complements the painting. Can’t wait to finish my current project so I can order another from here. Recommended!