Shipping Policy

Typical shipping time-frames are as follows:

USA: Between 15 - 30 days average

Canada: Between 20 - 30 days average

Europe: Between 20 - 40 days average

Australia: Between 20 - 40 days average

All Others: Between 30 - 60 days average

UPDATE: Due to lack of international flights, paint by number orders will be delayed by 10-30 day

COVID-19 has affected everyone.

Half of the population of the world is in lockdown. 

By now, it has infected 1.1m+ people and killed 60000+.

If your tracking code does not show information, please do not worry.

Your order is probably at shipping company's warehouse and waiting to be processed. Orders are taking a little longer in processing. Once they start tracking, they will be delivered very soon. 

"1. We are using dedicated flights for shipping to fast shipping USA orders. Normal shipping time for this shipping is 5-12 days. However, please keep in mind 15-35 days as there are many problems these days."

As EVERY business has been affected by the pandemic, we are also effected. Here is what has changed due to Corona Virus Pandemic:

1. Demand of kits highest in the history. Our Partner's factories have run of of stock for many paintings.

2. International flight are almost none due to which, normal shipping is taking 30-65 days.

3. Customer queries have increased by tenfold and customer support representatives have decreased due to lock-downs.

Here is what we are doing about it:

1. We are using dedicated flights for shipping to fast shipping USA orders. Normal shipping time for this shipping is 5-12 days. However, please keep in mind 12-30 days as there are many problems these days.

2. Our customer support is working overtime. PLEASE cooperate with us. Normally our response time is less than 24 hours but as we have more than 10 times customer queries, please give us at least 72 hours to respond.

3. Our Partner has reported us that their factory workers are doing double shifts to cope with demand. However, dispatch time for kits would be increased to around 7 days.

Other Changes:

Custom Orders: Custom photos might take 1-2 weeks to get designed and dispatched. 1 custom photo takes around 3 hours of a designer. These are made specially for you.

Changes & Refunds: If you have changed your mind, you can cancel and get a refund within 3 days of order. After that, cancelling order becomes nearly impossible for us.

Any changes you want can be incorporated in the orders within 1 day of ordering - We will not be able to change address or change anything in orders after 24 hours.

Returns: If you have changed your mind after 3 days of ordering, when the order is delivered at your address. Please contact us for return address. Once the order is returned, we will send you a refund straight away.

Tracking: As every shipping company is having issues, be it SF express, USPS or DHL, please contact shipping company to inquire about delays in shipping and follow the notices on their official website.

We have partners all around the world to provide our customers with best products. Our products are shipped directly from overseas partners.