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Paint by numbers is an ever-popular hobby among many people and has made its mark in the craft world. Even if you have never made a painting by numbers, you must have heard of it. But what is there to it? The concept is simple, and can be traced back to Leonardo da Vinci teaching it to his students to help them improve their own painting skills. The craft has been popular since the 1950's, when they were first commercially available from the Palmer Paint Company, under their Craft Master brand, and became wildly popular. The concept of the painting kits was presented by Dan Robbins, a commercial artist who recently died at the age of 93.

Dan Robbins

Now that we have caught up with the history of paint by numbers, let’s get into the technicalities.

What do Paint by Number Kits Look like?

Paint by numbers kits include a printed canvas which guides the painter to use corresponding paints to each number across the painting. The kits come with all the necessary tools and paints required to complete the painting, and only require the skills of the painter and some water to get started on the painting. The paints come in labelled containers, which makes the process of painting easier for the painter. Most kits include a similar inventory of supplies, which include:

1) The canvas.

2) The paints in their labelled container.

3) 3 Paint brushes. (different sizes)

4) A picture of the painting as it should look once completed.


Paint by Numbers Kit

Buying a Painting

The first thing to understand when buying a paint by numbers kit is to know the size and color scheme of the painting. Unless you have previous painting experience, it is better to keep the size of the painting on the smaller side, and not get a complicated painting which include mixing colors. Once you are well-versed, you can choose any painting of your choice, but it is better to stick to an easy-to-do painting in the beginning.

However, our website features over a hundred unique designs in various sizes, and you can choose any painting of your choice from the many categories available.


Painting by numbers require very little previous experience from the painter. All you have to do is get your painting kit out and bust your painting moves. We will go through a step-by-step process of completing a paint by numbers kit.


The first thing to do before you start your painting is to arrange all your painting supplies in an orderly manner. Get a couple of water containers to clean brushes in and a scrap cloth or a paper towel to keep brushes on between uses.

Clean Working Space


Once you have all your supplies in front of you, take a look at the painting. It is better to decide which colors you will paint in first and which brushes can used for which colors to increase efficiency and make sure that you don’t have to clean your brushes again and again.

Choosing Perfect Brush


Start with the color you have decided to go with first and complete painting all its corresponding spaces until you are done. Wash the brush and continue with the second. Repeat the process until your painting is completed.

Choose One Color


Now that you have completed a first coat of paint, you can go back and touch up on areas where the canvas shows through. You can also clean up the edges of the painting for a better finish.

Finishing Touch


Now that your painting is finished, it is time to dry it properly. While the surface of the painting may feel dry after a few hours, it is better to keep the painting out to dry for a week or so to ensure that it is dry under the surface too.

Dry the Painting


Once your painting is completely dry, dress it up as you like and frame it. You can also hang it on the walls in your room or keep the painting as a memory. All that matters is that you created a beautiful painting all by yourself.

Framed Paint by Numbers Paintings

With our vast experience with Paint by numbers we have compiled a set of tips for paint by number artists. 


  • I would have never thought that there was this much history behind the paints. I really thought they were just another simple, new idea which has come about and people are going crazy over. I had never really heard of them until a couple of years ago. Thank you to Dan Robbins for making such a fun creation.
    I have become mildly addicted to the paints, something which I never thought would have happened before. I just can’t help but order more and more online once I’ve finished them!

    Abdul Jabbar
  • The article talked about a nice workspace for you to do the paintings in. My workspace overlooks a nice long road outside my window. I love to sit at my table while reading the paper and enjoying the view ahead of me. In recent times I have come to admire my surroundings more and more. I love sitting down and doing one of my paintings while sitting at my workstation and looking out. I have been trying to find sceneic paintings to keep the theme of visual aesthetics.
    I will frame some of these and hang them in my study room to admire whenever I am here.

    Walter Yates
  • Hello, you talked about using varnish once we are done with the paintings. I would just like to say that the varnish gave it such a nice finished i couldn’t have ever imagined that it would look this good. I am truly impressed with how well the entire thing turned out and how good it looks hanging on the wall.
    Thank you paints by numbers, its been so much fun working on this project. I will definitely be getting some more as soon as possible and finishing those up and hanging them on the wall. Moreover, post more article like this which we can take tips from!

    Susan Summers
  • I would just like to say how much I love the paints. You guys have helped me channel a lot of negative energy from a very dark time in my life into something much more positive. You may not realize it but the is a great deal of stress relief which comes with paintings such as these.
    I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who is going through a hard time in life. It’s not going to change your situation but it may take your mind off the negativity for a while and maybe bring your mood up a little bit.

    Robert B.
  • Hi, I have been considering buying some of the paintings but I haven’t been sure that I will be any good at it. However, after reading this article, I will surely be considering checking out some of the paintings and will be taking advantage of my free time and trying to finish some of the pieces.
    I hope it goes well and I am motivated enough to finish it. Wish me luck!

    Caroll Gaye

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