What Makes Paint by Numbers Unique

Painting by numbers seems like a fairly simple craft at first glance. Nothing that would get someone to stop and exclaim that this is the best thing since sliced bread. But it does, and has kept up its popularity for over half a decade. The beauty and brilliance of painting by numbers surprisingly lies in its simple concept.

The ease and accessibility to create art that painting by numbers provides is the reason for its perennial popularity among amateur artists of all ages. It makes a perfect gift and a fun hobby that anyone can pick up without much prior experience. Let’s dive deep into the reasons why paint by numbers has been a favorite among all since its conception.

Painting by Numbers is Fun

What makes paint by numbers an all-time favorite is not some big secret. It’s simply the fact that paint by numbers brings an element of fun to painting that cannot be found in painting the traditional way. Painting by numbers allows you to paint without worrying about messing up your artwork and the literal outlines allow you to focus on having fun while painting. The element of fun is what makes it stand out from other similar craft activities.

Availability of Materials

We all can agree that we would get a lot more done if we only procrastinated less. It happens to the best of us and hinders our work process, and slows us down. We all have picked up and dropped hobbies that took too much of our time and energy, which we couldn’t readily give. But that’s not a problem when you’re painting by numbers. Painting by numbers kits contain all the material and resources you’ll require for your artwork, which makes it much more low-maintenance than other hobbies.

Accommodation of All Skill Levels

Another thing that makes painting by numbers such a beloved hobby is its accommodation of artists of all skill levels, and caters to even children who are just learning to hold paint brushes. You don't need any particular painting skills to enjoy and excel at painting by numbers. Getting started with paint by numbers is easy as 1-2-3. The whole point of painting by numbers is that you have a guide helping you through your painting journey. Paint by numbers kits also come in different levels, some of which are only suitable for kids, and others for adults’ skill levels. 

Learning Color Theory

Paint by numbers paintings are designed by professional artists to make sure that they look beautiful even when done by an amateur. One of the things that play into this is the color scheme of the paintings, which is quite intricate and complex, and gives the paintings an extra oomph. A paint by numbers kit helps you learn how colors work with each other and complement each other while painting, and learn on the go. Blending and layering colors helps improve your painting skills too, which is another reason to pick up paint by numbers.

Calming Effects of Paint by Numbers

This is one of the benefits of painting by numbers (or rather, painting and art generally) that has been scientifically researched and proved. Painting by numbers allows you to relax your mind by focusing it only on the task at hand and exercising your cognitive reflexes without stressing yourself out. In fact, art therapy is a popular form of therapy that many psychologists and patients can vouch for. Painting by numbers can help you unwind after a long day or let you paint without worrying about messing up, which is all the therapy you need sometimes.

Helps Decrease Screen Time

Painting by numbers is great at making you look away from your phone, computers, and TV screens. We all know that the modern digital age has grasped us in its blue-lit screens that has deprived us of downtime and is a major reason for increased symptoms of stress. Painting by numbers helps us look away from our screens and enjoy some time offline doing something productive.

Helps Express Oneself Creatively

Painting by numbers can equip us with better tools of self-expression through teaching us better painting techniques and allowing us to practice on a lined canvas. We learn to be more creative and learn to do things outside the box of conventionality and express and sort through our feelings in a healthy manner.

Improves intelligence and motor skills

Painting by numbers allows us to practice our skills in a systematic manner, improving our memory and concentration. It also helps improve motor skills and muscle memory, especially in children and slow learners. The repetitive and relaxing nature of painting by numbers nourishes the parts of our brains that improve these things.

The benefits of painting by numbers are immeasurable and can only be felt by actually painting by numbers and experiencing them firsthand. We hope this article gave you some insight into the benefits that painting by numbers can bring into your life. Try out paint by numbers yourself to experience the difference it brings.


  • Yes, without a doubt everything this article says is super accurate. The paints by numbers really are very special and I have never come across anything like this before. It is rare for me to be this invested in something, I can’t remember the last time I emphatically recommended something to my friends and family the way I did with this. All the factors fo this article are so on point, none of them are even slightly far fetched.
    I hope the company reaches new heights and doubles its sales in the next few years. It is been great experiencing the paints, I will forever be a fan of the company and spread a good word about the paints by numbers.

    Hubert Straw
  • it is nice to see that there is something which is so ready to use as soon as you buy it. I thought that I would have had to buy the paints and brushes and have to go through that entire hassle. However, it is so nice that they would send everything you need with the package itself.
    Even though I choose to buy my own brushes for myself, its nice that the company was thoughtful enough to give me the entire kit when I ordered it for the first time. I certainly hope that other people try these paints out and get to see how fun they can be. I absolutely love them and buy a new one every week, only once im done with the first one though.

    Rosie Peterson
  • I would assume that something like this would have made its way into therapy clinics as a means for people to cope with certain mental illnesses. As someone who is a mental health practitioner, I seriously see the benefits this could have for patients who are suffering from psychotic and post-traumatic symptoms.
    I see that others have talked about the relaxing effect the painting has on them, I would like some of my clients to try out some of these as well as they could certainly benefit from the paints by numbers in my opinion

    Serena P..
  • I like how a large majority of the things in this article related in some way to one’s mental capabilities and psychological health. There is no denying that something like this can test your abilities and still calm you down in ways which you would have never imagined before. Sitting down with the paints in a quiet room can give you an appreciation which you may have never felt before. An appreciation for the here and now.
    Hey, but who am I to be rambling on and going too deep about stuff like this. What do I know, maybe I’m just thinking too deep into something that has no meaning. For me its certainly been a great experience, much more profound than just painting a picture, its been an experience for me to say the least.

    Ted K.
  • Oh, man the screen time thing is so true. I have grown up using cell phones and computers, I have never really known life without them. it is so odd to think that something like this can be as satisfying if not more than doing stuff on your phone. It is strange to think that my generation never actually got to experience things like this, or maybe they were never interested. Even for me at first, sitting down with the paints for an extended period of time and not fiddling with my phone wasn’t easy.
    I would recommend this to anyone who just wants to take a break from it all. Sit down at a quiet table and try and finish as much of this as you can in one go. First of all, you might enjoy the challenge of it, second, it will give your eyes and mind the much-needed break which it needs from technology.


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